Empower Network’s iPAS2 Truth or Hype in Marketing Online?

Existing Empower Network users have been buzzing over the future release of Empower Network’s 3.0 Blogging System called “Kalatu” and marketing system “ipas2″.

Much like the original version and Blog Beast 2.0, Kalatu will offer bloggers the latest technology to set up, operate, and make money from their own personal blog. Then the internet prospect acceleration system is designed for people to decipher the truth vs hype about how marketing actually works and how your business and potentially benefit from having such platforms in place ahead of time.

Let’s cover why iPAS2 is paving the way and leaving the Truth or Hype debate out in the cold for good.

iPAS2 Truth or Hype For Marketers

make money bloggingThe main difference between iPAS 2 marketing system and the current blogging platforms is that almost every blogging platform fails to incorporate simple marketing strategies to maximize earning potential. In other words, none of the current blogging systems available were developed with marketers in mind.

iPAS2 is the first blogging system that was developed with marketers in mind. David Wood, one of the co-founders of Empower Network, claims that iPas2 and Kalatu were developed with the intention of helping bloggers create a completely customized blog that they can easily make money from. According to the Alpha testers of Kalatu, Wood and company have accomplished just that.

Now people are searching for the Truth or Hype about how the system actually works and why people are going crazy in 2015 to find the solution to their marketing problems.

New Empower Network Technology Launched with iPAS2 Marketing System

New Features in Empower’s iPAS2

If you were a Blog Beast 2.0 user or used the original blogging system, then you know that Empower Network products are always loaded with features. Kalatu is no different. Here are some of the new features included in Kalatu:

Built-in Topic Generator: One of the biggest problems most bloggers face is finding topics to write about. The built-in topic generator eliminates this problem by automatically creating headlines and topics for you to write about. You’ll have instant access to thousands of topics just by joining Kalatu, which means you can stop worrying about figuring out what in the world to write about.

Headline Generator: You may have awesome content to share but nobody is going to view it if you don’t have a catchy headline. The built-in headline generator will help you create catchy headlines that your viewers will be motivated to click on.

Social Media Banners: The new social media banner feature enables users to view the latest posts on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also add a headshot of yourself and customize the entire section if you want to edit the color scheme or take out one of the social media icons.

business onlineDone-for-you-marketing: You’re probably wondering to yourself, what does “done for you marketing,” mean? Kalatu blogs come with pre-installed banners with your affiliate links installed so you don’t need to go around collecting banners and your affiliate links.

Easy SEO: Search Engine Optimization is one of the easiest ways to acquire traffic, although it is difficult to perform. Thankfully, Kalatu is the first real “SEO friendly” blogging systems that will help you acquire high search rankings so you can obtain more sales and traffic.


Empower Network’s iPAS2 is a revolutionary new blogging and marketing system that will make it easy for marketers to start their own blogs in just a few minutes. Thanks to the proprietary technology of Kalatu, bloggers finally have a complete blogging system they can use to truly take their business to new levels. The iPas 2 Truth or Hype debate will continue but promises to be a must-use blogging system once Empower Network finally releases it to the public.

For more information, you can visit http://NetworkEmpower.com which will showcase all of the futuristic plans and perspectives about how you can take full advantage of systems and platforms that are designed to give you the advantage for a long time to come.

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