Empower Network’s iPAS2 Truth or Hype in Marketing Online?

Existing Empower Network users have been buzzing over the future release of Empower Network’s 3.0 Blogging System called “Kalatu” and marketing system “ipas2″.

Much like the original version and Blog Beast 2.0, Kalatu will offer bloggers the latest technology to set up, operate, and make money from their own personal blog. Then the internet prospect acceleration system is designed for people to decipher the truth vs hype about how marketing actually works and how your business and potentially benefit from having such platforms in place ahead of time.

Let’s cover why iPAS2 is paving the way and leaving the Truth or Hype debate out in the cold for good.

iPAS2 Truth or Hype For Marketers

make money bloggingThe main difference between iPAS 2 marketing system and the current blogging platforms is that almost every blogging platform fails to incorporate simple marketing strategies to maximize earning potential. In other words, none of the current blogging systems available were developed with marketers in mind.

iPAS2 is the first blogging system that was developed with marketers in mind. David Wood, one of the co-founders of Empower Network, claims that iPas2 and Kalatu were developed with the intention of helping bloggers create a completely customized blog that they can easily make money from. According to the Alpha testers of Kalatu, Wood and company have accomplished just that.

Now people are searching for the Truth or Hype about how the system actually works and why people are going crazy in 2015 to find the solution to their marketing problems.

New Empower Network Technology Launched with iPAS2 Marketing System

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